What readers are saying...

Publishers Weekly

"Thick with conflict and intrigue... turns a well-known legend into a fresh, earthy tale of human passions twisted by politics and ancient powers."

Historical Novel Society

"Full of revelations, a rich, dialectical brew spiked with archaisms that seem so right... Hennig's prose is poetic, powerful, insightful!"

Charles DeLint

"There's nothing quite so exciting as an author taking an overused traditional narrative and breathing full and rich life into it the way that Hennig does... I was smitten, right from the beginning."

About the Author

J Tullos Hennig

J Tullos Hennig has always possessed inveterate fascination in the myths and histories of other worlds and times. Despite having maintained a few professions in this world—equestrian, dancer, teacher, artist—she has never successfully managed to not be a writer. Ever.

Her most recent work, award-winning historical fantasy series The Books of the Wode, re-imagines the legends of Robin Hood in a truly new way, giving special prominence to both pagan and queer viewpoints.